Our hostal is offering you a wide variety of activities, but we can also organise any trip you dream of,
be it in Puebla or in another part of the country.
We take all your wishes into consideration: finances, period and preferences.

1. Excursion San Pedro – Tonantzintla – Acatepec (full day offer)

Includes a visit to the covered market of San Pedro Cholula , a walk in the town centre, climbing the pyramid, a visit to the church of the Virgin de los Remedios and –optional- a visit to the museum and the tunnels under the pyramid. Also included are a visit to the churches of Acatepec and Tonantzitla, well reputed for their baroque decoration with its typical, artful mix of Indian and Christian symbols.

The ideal day for this excursion is Sunday, when everybody is out on the streets: it is the day for the paseo (stroll). And –apart from the covered market- you can then also visit the open air market.



2. Puebla (1 or 2 days)

This excursion includes a stroll through the colonial centre of Puebla , visiting the Capilla del Rosario , the Bibliotheca Palafoxiana , the cathedral, the calle de Santa Clara , Barrio del Artista , the handcraft market, the antiquities market Los Sapos (on Saturday and Sunday).

The Teatro Principal, Casa de la Cultura , Paseo de San Fransisco , the Amparo museum (free on Mondays, other days 35 peso extra), Talavera Urearte ,…



3. Cacaxtla (half a day)

Includes a visit to the pyramids on the archeological site of Cacaxtla in the neighbouring state of Tlaxcala.

Fresco in Cacaxtla


4. Parque Nacional Izta-Popo (full day program)

A lovely excursion to the vulcanos, a walk at the feet of the Iztasihuatl and the Popocatepl with the possibility of eating fresh trout in a local restaurant.

Note: Trekkings that span more than one day can only be organised when Stoffel is ‘in town'.
One-day trekkings can be organised with Cinthia or Stoffel.



5. Workshop Mexican Cuisine

With a Mexican cook and Cinthia as your translator.
Together we go to the market and buy the ingredients for a typical Mexican menu.
Then we cook in our house and end up by...
eating it!


6. Baño de Temazcal (half a day)

Traditional Mexican herb bath.

Sweating-bath, comparable to a sauna.



7. Trekking
Popocatepetl – Iztacihuatl
Ico de Orizaba


8. Camping / rock climbing / hyking
In all of the national parks Camping / rock climbing / hyking


9. Camping + adventurous tourism
rafting, death rides, paintball, mountainbiking, horse riding
Camp out in the the mountains of Coatepec, Veracruz; in the northern part of the sierra of Puebla, in Tlaxcala,...
We organise all sorts of activities with professional guides. In Veracruz we can arrange a visit to our coffee plantation “el Cascabel Encantado”
Camping + adventurous tourism


10. Mountainbiking in the region
Cholula- Zapotecas Mountainbiking in the region


11. Mountain climbing
For those who love mountain climbing: we have a professional guide at your disposal, who’s familiar with these regions. Or we can bring you in contact with the mountaneering club of the Universidad Autonoma in Puebla. Mountain climbing


12. Magical villages
Cuetzalan o Zacatlan, in the northern sierra of Puebla state (2 days minimum) Magical villages


13. Temazcal + massage + wellness
A steambath with precolumbian herbs
Different kinds of massage
Aromatherapy and medicinal flowers
Temazcal + massage + wellness


14. Spanish course
Learn spanish the relaxed and dynamic way. We offer courses to everyone’s taste, according to your time and foreknowledge, individualy or collectively.
If you go for individual teaching, then you yourself can choose the subject and time shedule. For group courses the school will fix the time shedule and you will be assigned to a group unit according to your current level.
Spanish course


15. Cooking workshop

Here you learn how to prepare some traditional mexican dishes, with the help and assistance of a friendly housemother. You cook in her kitchen and afterwords you can enjoy your meal together. Cooking workshop


16. Cholula + Puebla
For guided tours in and around Puebla and Cholula we collaborate with the official society for guides. These are professionals who know the town and the neigbouring villages like the palm of their hand. We feel confident that you will enjoy their company thoroughly. Cholula + Puebla


17. Building Ecologically

This activity gives you the opportunity to join in an ecological building project in a community some thirty minutes outside Cholula.
People who are interested can decide for themselves how long they want to participate in the activities. They can choose to live either with one of the families in the community, or they can stay in our guestrooms.

The projects can be adapted to the preferences of the participants. Naturally, if you stay in the community you’ll get more opportunities to become acquainted with the village culture.

We realize these projects in collaboration with another Belgian-Mexican couple. Therefore, not speaking Spanish shouldn’t be a problem.

Building Ecologically